Horse ranch Bonaire ‘Rancho Washikemba’ offers various kinds of lessons, teached by our Orun certified teachers Irene Swier and Elvira de Kool and equine-therapist Lianne Dolleman:
(all prices are including tax)

Group lessons: For adults and children over 6 years old, both for beginning and advanced riders. These are offered in the riding arena in groups of 3 to 5 persons.
Time: 1/2-hour. Price $17,- per person.

Private lessons: These enable us to specifically address technical problems with your riding technique and to give more individual attention to your needs. It is advisable for beginning riders and for people with fears to overcome to start with private lessons before entering into group lessons.
Time: 1/2 hour. Price: $38,- per person (1 person).
Time: 1/2 hour. Price: $27,50 per person (couple – 2 persons).

– Equine therapy: From of November 2018 we offer equine therapy. Our trainer/ therapist Irene or Lianne Dolleman will be happy to help you with any questions.
Pricing on request.

– Introduction course: At our ranch we start with lessons for children from 6 years old. in a 5 lesson (1 or 2 kids) course they will learn the basics. Starting with taking the horse out the stable, cleaning and brushing the horse, and saddle ‘m up for to a ride in the arena. After 5 lessons we’ll see if your child is ready for grouplessons. This way, the children can become acquainted with ponies and horseback riding.
Time: 30 minutes. Price: $100 for 5 lessons.

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