Bonaire is perfect for horseback riding! We offer gorgeous trail rides on horseback through the pristine nature of nature park Bara di Karta, Washikemba and Lagoon.

The Ride&Swim tour: In walking gait (or for experienced riders some trotting/cantering) from the ranch over the east coastline to the gorgeous Blue Lagoon bay, where we will swim and play with the horses in the sea. This is a really special experience to feel the swimming horse, even for experienced riders. Please wear your bathing suit!

The tour is about 2 hours, price is $ 95,- per person including 6% tax, insurance and transportation service from/to your hotel/ship. Tours are offered for groups of maximum 6 persons. Reservations are necessary, please email us at or call us at (+599)788 8668 / (+599)786 7321.

Please ask for other options or tours available!

It’s most comfortable to wear long pants and closed shoes. Helmets are mandatory under the age of 18, but we have them available for free for everyone who wants to wear one. You can bring some water, SPF and camera in a back/hip-pack.

For the well being of our horses we do have a weight limit: 200 lbs/ 95 kg.

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6 thoughts on “Tours

  1. Please book four of us for a swim and ride on March 17th. We will be on the koningsdam cruise ship.
    Thanks so much. Please email to confirm.


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