The Horses

At ‘Rancho Washikemba’ horse ranch Bonaire there are several breeds, an introduction:

Allwreckdup (Tango) ,an American Thoroughbred gelding, born in Maryland USA, perfectly for dressage, jumping and trail riding

Marybell (1.45m), a Paso Fino mare, born on Bonaire, ridden English style in the arena and with just a rope-halter on trail riding
Marybell (8)
Blaze’s Joseph (Blaze), an American Thoroughbred gelding, born in Florida USA, perfect for dressage
7c bewerkt web

Poco Blonde Princess (Poco), a Quarter Horse mare, born in Florida USA, trained western style, very sweet for and a very good trail horse

Sombra, a Paso Fino gelding, born in Colombia, young and full of energy but very sweet and the best swimmer

Sophia First of July (Sophietje),  a Paso Fino mare, daughter of Marybell and born at our ranch, for the more experienced riders on trail rides, ridden with just a rope-halter

Sueno de Fransisco (Sueno), a Paso Fino mare, born and raised on Bonaire. She’s young, but she’s ready for the lessons and the tours, with experienced riders, ridden with just a rope-halter

El Fantastico de la estea (Fantastico), a Paso Fino gelding, born and raised on Curacao. He’s a joker and likes a snack on his way, but easy to ride.

Of course they are all healthy, well trained, well behaved and like their job carrying people!

Twice a day, the ones who need it get pellets from Dommelsche Watermolen horsefood, and all of them do get mixed grass, lucerne and high-density grass, all imported from the Netherlands. Once a day, everybody gets a vitamine and mineral balancer from Pavo. All day long they can eat Hippo hay. Our horses only drink fresh water.

We equip the horses with an English saddle and except for Poco, all our horses are ridden bitless, in the ring and on the trails. Four of our horses wear horseshoes or leather hoof-boots of Cavallo.

We don’t use ‘Paso Fino bits’ or hackemores!

3 thoughts on “The Horses

  1. The horses are beautiful! I owned a Peruvian paso for 21 yrs. He went to greener pastures 2 yrs. ago. I was wondering if you board horses or know if that is an option on the island. I am considering a visit end of the year which could be my retirement destination.


    1. Hi Lilly, Thanks for your request! We board horses as well, at the moment two Paso Fino’s so feel free and welcome to visit us whenever you come to Bonaire !


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