Ride and Swim tour with three sisters!

We had a very nice late afternoon Ride&Swim tour with three Dutch sisters. They made some very nice pictures with this special late afternoon light. They rode Blondy, Marybell, Poco and myself on my favourite Tango! Don’t you think the youngest sister Noortje is the cutest combination ever with Marybell? Actually she wants to bring Marybell home with her!

12435776_1154466784577748_1655088195_n 12436009_1154464444577982_757339688_n 12436039_1154461751244918_1244262055_n 12459554_1154461741244919_373773108_n 12459806_1154461704578256_1609860845_n 12463723_1154461651244928_1664065832_n 12467763_1154464811244612_40777892_n 12467881_1154465781244515_1929593979_n 12467973_1154467164577710_21074710_n 12468195_1154469204577506_189204506_n

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