Lovely Liv!

Little girl Liv moved to The Netherlands, so her dad arranged a nice tour with photo shoot of Bonaire photographer Sipke Stapert for her. Love the feeling you get from the results!

12421466_582827158549177_1888554691_n 12516676_582835011881725_1676573341_o 12557214_10153423330072449_252938093_o 12583666_10153423331082449_1214447679_n 12637235_582833245215235_721790475_o 12650361_582832855215274_1529375372_n 12650412_582834288548464_1303146062_n 12656370_582835021881724_674571627_o 12659637_582832945215265_1884240892_n 12665595_582833195215240_1332939004_n 12666506_582835051881721_2059163083_n 12666521_582828295215730_25705123_n 12674282_582836311881595_950079285_n 12674640_582832725215287_1204016880_n 12674662_582834275215132_922013463_n 12695863_582835788548314_1895379196_n 12695950_582826785215881_1364240616_n 12696718_582836321881594_425604310_o

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