Back to school!

back to schoolthe holidays are over, and theres only one thing good about this:

Ranho Washikemba is starting up the horseback riding lessons again!

We all had our rest, the horses went a lot to the beach, they all got new shoes, the stables havent been cleaner before, there’s a new coffee machine, so we are ready! This Saturday, August 17th, we are starting up for our regular custumers. Like last year there will be lessons on Tuesdays aswell. Feel free to contact us if you want to start your lessons or improve your skills. Maybe theres a spot in a group or maybe you’re more interested in a few private lessons. Contact us and we’ll see what’s possible.

actually, there is another good thing;

Saturday 17th is our one year anniversary!

a year ago we took over the ranch and we still love it! We did a lot of ride and swim tours, there were a lot of lessons, a lot of improvement on the ranch and the horses and we met a lot of beautiful people. Thank you all, we’re staying!!




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