donate and share our fundraiser for horsefood during corona crisis!


Bonaire is locked down; no planes and cruiseships are coming in. So for the time being, no more tourist will be coming in. We’ll survive, but our horses might not. We can always try and get another job, but our horses cannot! Shutting down the business doesn’t mean the horses don’t need food.

the horses

The horses are getting chopped, dried gras and pellets twice a day and can eat hay all day. Since the borders of Venezuela have been closed months ago, the cheapest way to get the horse food is by container from the Netherlands. With a 20ft container the horses have food for 4 months, so the horses would be fine until at least July. By that time, hopefully, tourist will be coming back and we’ll take of our own again!

A horse digestive system needs a constant supply of food to stay healthy. Giving them less or just pellets, would have a huge impact on their health and getting them back in shape could take months.

When Venezuela closed its borders, we adapted. When the sargassum, some type of floating seaweed, kept coming in, making it impossible to swim for months, we survived too. But this corona virus, and because of that, no tourists, we won’t survive.

What do we need

Every donation will be completely used to take care of the horses. To load and ship a full container from the Netherlands to Bonaire we need € 10.000,-. This will feed the horses for 4 months.

We need to respond quickly, since shipping will take at least 4 weeks. Until then, we only have what’s still in stock on the island. This way, we don’t have to feed the horses less and will be saved for months.

Please donate and share!

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