Ride&Swim tour with two sisters!

Last Wednesday we did a ride&swim tour with two Canadian sisters in their sixties! It was very special, because the lady on Blondy had never ridden before and for the lady on Poco it also had been a long time ago. We rode the Red Hill Hiking Trail to Lagoon, for the swim we took Poco in the water and we rode back taking the gorgeous shore to Boca Washikemba. All our trail horses are ridden with just a rope halter instead of bit/hackamore, so the horses enjoy and relax as well! Enjoy the pictures!

DSC_6425lr DSC_6432lr DSC_6439lr DSC_6444lr DSC_6448lr DSC_6497 DSC_6565lr DSC_6596lr DSC_6611lr DSC_6613lr DSC_6622lr DSC_6636lr

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