Three Bonairian Paso Fino’s!

We did a nice playfull tour with our three Bonaire born Paso Fino mares: The 8y. old Marybell, the 5y. old Sophia, daughter of Marybell and the 4y. old Sueno! Even though they’re young and high spirited like all Paso Fino’s, we ride them all only with rope-halter. As you can see in the short video, Marybell and her daughter don’t show the Paso-gait naturally but Sueno does. They’re all so special and sweet in their own way, you got to love them!

DSC_6702lr DSC_6706lr DSC_6727lr DSC_6645lr DSC_6675lr DSC_6649lr DSC_6681lr DSC_6652lr DSC_6678lr DSC_6755lr DSC_6761lr DSC_6767lr

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